1. General provisions

The present Terms of service (further under the text – "Agreement") is published on a site www.icametolive.com (further under the text the Site) for the purpose of announcement of the conditions of the offer between its visitors (as well as under the text Users) and the persons representing a trade mark "I Came To Live" (further under the text Administration).

Item 435, 437 Civil Codes of the Russian Federation (further – "CC the Russian Federation") is fixed the status of the public offer to the given Agreement. The fact of the conclusion of the public offer admits the fact of registration of the User by filling of the special registration form. Offer a period of validity extending till the moment of giving by the User of the statement and confirmed by the legislation of the Russian Federation to the form with the requirement to remove its biographical particulars from the Site database.

The text of the present Agreement is made on the basis of the Law of the Russian Federation. About protection of the rights of consumers from February, 07th, 1992 № 2300-1, confirmed by the Governmental order of the Russian Federation from September, 27th, 2007 № 612: by Rules of sale of the goods in a remote way, other operating acts and decisions.

2. The basic terms and concepts

The acceptance – full acceptance by the User of conditions of the given Agreement or other requirements and conditions of use of the Site.

The visitor of a site – the non-identified user having limited possibilities which purpose is acquaintance with the materials placed on the Site, including the given Agreement.

The user of a site – the capable physical person who is according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation by the participant civil legal relationships to whom the possibility of use of, and functionality with the Site after registration is given.

The goods – object of purchase and sale (thing), the data about which are placed in corresponding section of the Site with instructions of details on its characteristics, features and the other information. Data on the Goods have information character. The specified information on the price of the goods and its presence can not correspond to a real situation in the presence of the weighty reasons on that (the announcement of actions, occurrence of force-majeur situations).

The action – a special kind of stimulation of consumer ability at which change of the price, conditions of acquisition or delivery of some groups of the goods to the certain period appears. Detailed conditions of each Action are described on the Site or in other public edition and are the additional offer.

Internet shop – an electronic site on which the information on the goods is given, to its cost, delivery terms, requisites for payment and the other important information. The Internet shop is supplied with all necessary for purchasing functional and services.

The site – publicly accessible information resource intended for convenient representation of the information in a network the Internet, which activity is carried out in interests of one or several parties.

Goods purchase in Internet shop (further – Purchase) – a way of remote acquisition of the goods according to the current legislation, the present Agreement and the public offer.

Delivery service – the company or a number of the companies which are carrying out functions of delivery of cargoes. Activity of these companies is regulated by own positions and public offers. Such services are used on outsourcing principles if other did not make a reservation in addition.

Feedback – the service given by the Site for communication of Users with Administration for the decision of different questions.

3. Substantive provisions

3.1. Goods representation

The administration spends filling of the catalogue of the goods of Internet shop with entering of photos, the additional description, the instructions of the sizes and the other information. Thus the data about methods of payment, delivery terms in the absence of the obvious description, is specified separately.

3.2. Registration of the User

Registration of users is necessary for possibility reception to buy the Goods, to receive consultation through the feedback form, to get discounts.

Registration procedure consists in filling of the special form the reference on which is accessible from the Site menu. Correctness of entering of the data about the User is supervised by it and proves to be true the registration fact.

4. An agreement subject

The given Agreement the desire of Administration proves to be true to give possibility User to make Purchase in trade mark Internet shop "I Came To Live", to familiarize with characteristics of the goods, discount offers, the other information.

The present text of the Agreement can be changed Administration without the preliminary coordination with any interested party, therefore each User incurs the obligation periodically to get acquainted with the brought changes. At entering of essential changes into the Agreement separate information mailing of electronic letters will be made.

5. Purchase fulfillment

Purchase is made by obvious instructions on intentions of the User which transition under the reference is to Pass for payment and performance of the further actions for payment before the generated order. The procedure of payment occurs to use of resources of foreign payment systems. After performance of payment of the Goods correction of the order by the User becomes impossible.

Return payment is made exclusively in the non-cash form through the international system of payments: PayPal. Payment currency is the US dollar.

The paid and packed goods are transferred in a delivery service. The Track-number of the sent goods is transferred to the buyer. The lost track-number can be verified only using the reference of the user through the Feedback form.

Purchase is considered finished after transfer of track-number of a parcel to the User.

6. Items return:

All cases of the return of the goods should be carried out at observance of rules of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Goods terms of return:

 Term lasts no more than 14 days after goods reception; 
 Rush is not available, all labels and labels are completely kept; 
 The goods are delivered back to us after the coordination, in a full complete set and with trade dress preservation; 
 the same person applies for return of means, as paid.

The statement on goods return should be transferred through the form of Feedback and duplicated to the electronic address of Internet shop specified on page "Contacts". In the message it is necessary to specify the return reason, order number. In the electronic letter the scanned first significant pages of the passport of the Buyer and page with a place of registration, number Р/С for transfer of means, a check point, an INN, BIK Bank, number of the correspondent account, a copy made out should be enclosed at reception of a parcel of documents.

In case of positive decision on goods returned, the Buyer decides to send in the shortest terms to the Seller an original statement on return of the Goods and a copy of documents on payment by certified mail with the payment inventory.

The return of money to the buyer is possible only in a non-cash form within five bank days. Calculation of the amount of the return of means that it is approved by Administration of the given fact. Transfer of money is made only to the person whom has paid for the items.

The items of the appropriate quality made under the individual order are not subject to be returned.

6.1. Return of items from other countries:

Items return is made under the same scheme, as well as in Russia. For return the same delivery company that transported the goods will be used. An exception would be of the repeated taxation, accompanying the documentation accurately to specify that item return is being made.

Packing items for return delivery should exclude its damage, and the parcel should be insured. The preliminary coordination of the possibility of the return of the items is a necessity.

7. The rights and duties of the parties

The graphic on site graphic or text materials are protected by laws in force of the Russian Federation. They are the trade mark property of "I Came To Live", its trading or technical partners. Their use is possible only from the written permission of Administration of the Site.

7.1. The seller Agrees:

 To operate in interests of buyers, providing access to the information on production; 
 Regularly to spend time on filling of the catalogue of production, information actualization; 
 To provide qualitative packing of the items of appropriate quality at the time of sending; 
 To send items bought by the User in the Delivery service within 2 (two) working days after payment receipt; 
 In case of infringement of the terms of the sending of the items or impossibility of its sending because of damage, immediately to inform the buyer by regular mail, or by e-mail, so that negotiations about the permission of the given situation can be discussed. 
 In deadlines to consider for all complaints and references of Users; 
 To inform Users about important changes in Internet shop work.

7.2. The seller has the right:

 To work voluntarily with given Users regarding personal data; 
 To conduct the archiving of correspondence with the User, to make record and decoding of telephone conversations according to the law, concerning the information, information technology and about information protection, and for training purposes.
 Unilaterally, to stop work of the account of the User without assigning any reasons with the guaranteed delivery of preliminary bought goods; 
 To defend the interests in litigation instances with attraction of the qualified legal support.

7.3. The buyer visiting the Internet shop must:

 Be honest and observe all rules of work of the Site; 
 To give the truthful information on in the questionnaire; 
 Not to promote distribution of the information discrediting a trade mark; 
 To inform Administration on any revealed errors at work of the Site or its services; 
 Not to carry out the actions directed on deterioration of working capacity of the site in any kind and the form.

7.4. The buyer of Internet shop has the right:

 To look through the catalogue of the goods and to buy interesting positions; 
 To make complaints or offers through the feedback form; 
 To participate in trials on the questions at issue, concerning their account; 
 To defend the interests in litigation instances with attraction of the qualified legal support.

8. The decision of questions on issues

All questions on issues between the User and Administration should dare by negotiations. The demand moves for discussion through the form of feedback or in a telephone call. In the case of the absence of a mutual understanding between the parties, consideration of questions from issues may be decided in litigation proceedings.

9. Other conditions

In the case of a disagreement with the text of the given Agreement or its separate points, the User must contact this Administration with the request for removal of his/her account.

Any discrepancies or ambiguous treatment of separate points do not reduce importance of the Agreement as a whole and should be treated in favor of Internet shop Administration.

10. Requisites

The mailing address: