The sportswear concerns for a long time have been in the special category with the manufacturing of modern materials and new technologies used. They provide ways to transform sportswear from an accessory into an actual tool for sportsman.
Sportswear should be convenient, practical, ideally supporting thermal balance and regulate humidity on skin surface. Hypo-allergenic, aesthetic appearance, eases concerns and additional requirements in processing with an accessible price range.
In manufacturing of a collection class premiums are the best materials used. It will please you with convenience and comfort, high protection against wear, good ventilation, and individual sports design.In a collection, three kinds of a fabrics are used.
100 % a clap soft, air easily passes through them, they easily absorb moisture, they are hypoallergenic, they help in saving your body from overheating. They have good absorbing ability during warm times 
95 % a clap, 5 % elastan, soft, are well ventilated, easily absorbs  moisture, does not cause allergic reactions, saves a body from an overheat. The additive elastan provides fabrics a high extensibility and elasticity. The fabric does not change the appearance, keeps 100 % elasticity even after numerous washings. It is tolerant to the sea and chlorinated water, sweat and cosmetics.
100 % silk, a noble natural fiber, in manufacturing this silk fabric it is stitched 2,400 threads that is created with very qualitative, reliable and dense fabric, without losing ease and softness. The fabric completely consists from a Jacquard pattern which has been developed specially for this collection.
100 % completely handwork, Jacquard labels, the fabric was made to order, and the professional design of all details were developed.