Shipping and Packing

Goods delivery, one of the major components of work in our Internet shop. In our understanding, delivery should be irreproachably fulfilled, therefore we have divided it into three stages: preparation of the order for sending, transfer of a parcel to transport company, and tracing of the process of delivery.

Preparation of the order for sending and packing:

After payment the order, it automatically arrives in a complete set at the department for a parcel suitably packed with all purchased items and accessories sealed in it. The process comes to an end with stock-taking and a correct complete set of all commodity positions, according to the integrity and correctness of packing. After the final check, the parcel is sealed and transferred for transportation through a delivery company.

Firm packing: The variation of label developed for everything in the package allows us the ability to define on arrival the internal contents. Having paid much attention to every detail by keeping a corporate style of packing, we have achieved important results: the sportswear we've created, we pleasantly to have control over. We present these as gifts or souvenirs, which is a regular habit. Opening the opportunity for a new level for quality of packing!

Transfer of a parcel to transport company FedEx: 

At the point of reception of luggage at the delivery company the parcels are carefully delivered by our courier. On the arrival, each address is registered according to our preliminary made transport waybill. It appropriates individual track-numbers which are transferred to the client by e-mail.

The authoritative carrier with a world name – transport company FedEx ( is engaged in assurance of delivery of your items. It has a long-term list of experience and representations in 220 countries of the world, with a long proven record of trust.Tracing of process of delivery:

Using FedEx Tracking, we have ability to supervise transportation of all sent parcels. It is with certain frequency that deliveries are made in a timely manner. As sit hows in our work, untimely incidents arise extremely seldom owing to only force-majeur circumstances.

The information on the delivered cargo is put into a database for the need of an analysis of overall performance of our team in following a parcel on a route from the warehouse-transport to the company-client.