Privacy Policy

The Internet shop "I Came To Live", is located at the address and keeps voluntarily given information on users. It can be presented in the form of geographical particulars or some other information connected with specificity of the use of a site in different networks on the Internet. In this connection, the Internet shop administration sets as the purpose on the given page of Conditions of Confidentiality are to inform that data collected from users and their information and the ways of reception and conditions are for the use of the "I Came To Live" Internet shop.
Use of content of this site or its services is authorized only at full and unconditional acceptance of the present condition of confidentiality. By the user entering personal information into the questionnaire page, the Administration reserves the right hold information on each user without notice. At full or partial disagreement with the present conditions, the user has a choice to exit, or not exit the site immediately.
Each visitor who comes to the site "" is identified as a visitor until the moment the verification procedure and registration or the data input, identifying him or her is complete. After verifying the correct information on the user name and the password by means of the special form on the site, to the visitor membership status is appropriated, allowing him or her to use all functions on the site.
Registration procedure is connected with granting of the biographical information. It is necessary only for a possibility of automatic processing of orders. Responsibility for correctness of entering of biographical particulars is born by the User, and for storage – site Administration, within the limits of the taken obligations.
Storage of the personal data:
The Internet shop administration incurs the obligations connected with storage of the information only on the party. Technically, it means absence of responsibility at information leakage or its substitution on the party users or at emulation of its actions in any way.
The information on the User is stored on the Internet shop party in the protected database access to which is limited. The given information can be partially taken only for the decision of points at each issue or on legal requirement of employees of the state supervising bodies.
The administration declines all responsibility for leak, damage or loss information on Users of the site, resulted in deliberate action or inactivity of the third parties. Their number includes attendants of communication systems, the DATA-centers, the provider and other legal or physical persons.
Personal data, including e-mail addresses, can be used by internet-market: or a company trade mark «I CAME TO LIVE» for carrying out news postings or other advertising actions.
Using Cookies:
Internet-market: reserves the right with itself to use the technology Cookie for high-grade work of all services and functions. The information collected by means of the technology Cookie can be used as this is a fully functional site. The period of storage of the used information and its volume does not make a reservation in advance.
Received by means of Cookie data, if necessary, can be loaded on servers, serving the Internet shop. The information on them is stored according to the subparagraph "Storage of the personal data: of the given Conditions.
Use of the statistical information:
The administration internet-market: reserves the right with itself without restrictions to collect the statistical information. Regarding work with the confidential information, for the User the right to its nondisclosure statement together with the personal data remains. Mechanisms and the services used for reception statisticians in advance do not make a reservation, and are defined by the developed strategy of development and operational administration problems.
The administration reserves the right to itself for use or disclosure of the anonymous collected statistics in full. Transfer of the depersonalized statistics to the third parties or the companies operating in interests of the company "I CAME TO LIVE", its divisions, regional or international representations is supposed.
The user or the Visitor claims for deductions of a royalty or other kinds of indemnifications for obvious or potential benefit from use of the statistical information on the site cannot be put forward.
The user or the Visitor gives all information for the site: at own risk. The collected data is not verified by Internet shop Administration. For entering of obviously false or untrue information responsibility bears its person submitted.
All facts of information leakage should be investigated in the order as established by the legislation. Thus, owners of the trademark "I CAME TO LIVE", internet-market, Administration of the site or the other persons equal to them, cannot be involved in criminal or administrative responsibility, irrespective of a kind or volume of damage.
Validity of the given Condition:
The present Condition of confidentiality is focused on differentiation of the responsibility of the parties, taking a direct part in the Internet shop work which the electronic site is registered on the address: To treat the given position it is necessary in the context of other agreements and the restrictions presented for acquaintance or acceptation.
In case of revealing of discrepancy of the declared positions, restrictions, agreements or their separate positions with the present Condition of confidentiality, they should be treated in favor of the trade mark "I CAME TO LIVE" or internet-market:
The administration reserves the right to itself to make changes to the text of this given agreement with our without notice to its Users in the form of personal mailing of electronic letters or a public statement. The changes made come into force from the moment of the publication on the given page.