Our Story

The sportswear market is sated by the goods similar against each other. Control over their quality weakens, and cost gradually increases. All it is reflected in each of us. Change such tendency the only essentially new approach to sportswear creation can.

Having studied the market, and gaining the understanding that there is a possibility that cardinality has come to change a current situation in the sportswear market, to offer the buyer of the qualitative, based on natural, harmless materials, sportswear for reasonable prices, directly from the manufacturer. This approach will allow us to reduce the price for ready items, having a good possibility in the use of new technologies for an invariably great quality guarantee of production.

Such approach has been used at creation of collections of sportswear. In it the designer has developed  long-term experience in large companies, knowledge, and ideas. Thanks to this, sportswear offered by the designer has a number of advantages. An individual style is developed, manufacture process at all stages is strictly supervised, the material used is only quality from leading Russian manufacturers, modern technologies are applied. As a whole, it all allows to offer the buyer a quality product.

The good communication between the manufacturer and the buyer for whom the clothes are created became the next component of success. Each client can express their opinion on these clothes, and consider which company they will use in the near future.

Designer Alex Angel, has been engaged in sportswear distribution with skill. He has a higher art education, worked in large companies on jobs with leading designers to creative directors, more than 18 years. The American company ADVANCE, and the Russian company MASTER add their number with the Japanese transnational company A&D. Such experience has helped to generate taste, to get the style, to pass all stages of the given trade.

We create the best sportswear which becomes a special note of your style! 
We support the desire of buyers to get reliable and quality items at a wholesale price, from the manufacturer, directly, passing up all intermediaries.

Exclusive collection A WORLD WITHOUT WAR
All completeness of the real, terrestrial, human happiness can be felt only at close contact with this world. Smell of flowers, breath of clouds, sea noise, stream whisper, the foliage conversation, the first kiss, pleasure and love, smiles of kids, happiness of old men – all these droplets of happiness and manifestation of love to us. They silently whisper to us that it is possible to lead other life, without pain, rudeness, war and suffering. The world without war, all for the sake of these days.