Question: Why is the office of the buy necessary?
Answer: Having registered, you will have access to it. In the site, it is important to fill in the biographical particulars in the form in order to purchase. In order to postpone and save your pleasant items for their fast search, you will find a tool (link) in the column. It is a very convenient tool for a steady customer, and for the beginner as well.
Question: How do I pay for items?
Answer: You can pay for the items selected from our site through the international system of payments: PayPal, it is possible to use credit cards such as: Visa, and Master Card.
Question: What system do you use to estimate the size of clothes?
Answer: In our shop we use the European system of sizes. To choose the size necessary to you go to www.icametolive.com/size_chart.
Question: Do you have quality clothes?
Answer: We represent only quality production. We not only create convenient models of sportswear, but also we check the process of production at different stages. We guarantee the high quality of our clothes.
Question: If the wrong size is purchased, will it be possible to exchange it for the right size?
Answer: Our Internet shop of sportswear works within the limits of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Details of return of items are described in terms of service of our site. In brief it says you should return your items inside 14 days from the date of purchase.
Question: In your packing of items, do you have careful packing arrangements or do you simply use boxes.
Answer: For our packing production, we use firm packing. We put everything together conveniently according to your order, and we create the package that looks like a gift. This we have specially developed in a corporate style.
Question: Is it possible to deliver the purchased items by the Mail of Russia or another type of shipping?
Answer: No, we do not co-operate with the Russian Post Office. The reasons for this purpose are because of the poor quality of work. For delivery we have chosen a reliable company: FedEx.
Question: Can your company be counted on for financial help?
Answer: We are ready to sell our clothes with the logos purchased by you, firm colors or symbols. Other questions in demand require a preliminary discussion with Administration.
Question: Do you take partners in your company?
Answer: Yes we do, write us a letter with your offers.
Question: What statuses it is possible to expect at the paid order.
Answer: For your order status we provide a notice of: "paid" and "It is delivered to the buyer".
Question: If I receive low quality items, do you replace them free of charge?
Answer: All our production passes many stages of quality check, including before sending. Broken items in a parcel are excluded. If packing of the delivered parcel is broken you will need to talk to the delivery company.
Question: Do your clothes differ from other brands?
Answer: The Design of our clothes is unique, we manufacture with only the best materials, we check all production phases, we offer reduced prices at the expense of elimination of superfluous intermediaries, we offer the best sportswear.
Question: How do I make payments?
Answer: Item payment is made after an order is in your basket. To start the payment procedure, it is necessary to follow the link "Proceed to checkout" from page of "the shopping cart of the buyer". Payment is made after the buyer information is verified.
Question: How do I keep track of my parcel after sending you send it?
Answer: We provide a track-number which will be sent via electronic box after your order and payment. To trace a parcel it is possible with the transport company site www.fedex.com.
Question: How do I define my size?
Answer: For this purpose it is necessary to follow the link www.icametolive.com/size_char. All necessary information will be on that page.
Question: How do I communicate quickly with the shop support service?
Answer: For this purpose it is enough to go to the page of your account and to follow the link "Feedback". The reference is duplicated in the top menu. The option is accessible to the registered users.
Question: How do you deliver items?
Answer: Item delivery is carried out by our selected delivery company: FEDEX (www.fedex.com)
Question: Is it possible to become your sales representative?
Answer: Yes. Send the letter of inquiry about our site in an e-mail: info@icametolive.com, or contact us through the feedback form located in the private office for the buyer.
Question: Where it is possible to see paid orders?
Answer: The Status of paid orders can be seen from the private office, having followed the link "My orders".
Question: What do I do if I delete my tracking number? Will I lose it?
Answer: For track-number restoration it is necessary to address the support service from a private office and to request the necessary data.
Question: Where it is possible to see additional photos of the items?
Answer: For this purpose it is necessary to go to the goods card. In it, you will find the additional photos made from different foreshortenings are presented.
Question: When will you add video presentation for the items you have on your site?
Answer: This function is already provided by us. To look at the videos, go to the page the items.
Question: What do I do if I can not find my size?
Answer: Contact us through the form on the feedback page to specify all questions concerning your sizes.
Question: You have a glory Wall. How do I get on it?
Answer: As we are opened for the help in development of this project, we aspire to note the number of people who have responded on a glory wall. Contact us, and we will discuss all your questions.
Question: Is it possible to leave a bookmark on the items so that I can quickly return?
Answer: Yes it is possible, we have a tool provided that will help you save your items in order to come back to them quickly, on the postpone purchase page.
Question: Where will my items be delivered?
Answer: Parcels with the paid orders go to the address specified in the questionnaire page of the account of the buyer.
Question: When do you add new sets of sportswear?
Answer: We are out of new collections constantly, but in the near future, more will appear on our site.
Question: What fabrics do you use in clothes manufacturing?
Answer: In our collection, we use three different kinds of fabric, 100 % a clap, 95 % a clap - 5 % elastane, 100 % silk are used
Question: Is it possible to sell your goods in my shop?
Answer: At present, we work only in an Internet shop mode. Nevertheless, the opening of points of sales of our firm clothes is planned in several European capitals. Write us letter and we can discuss this question together with you.
Question: How it is possible for you to help?
Answer: We are grateful to each person who has the desire give us good ideas for the creation of new qualitative exclusive sportswear, for this purpose it is necessary for you to contact our administration through the feedback form or to write a letter at the specified address info@icametolive.com.
Question: How do you make such low prices on your clothes?
Answer: We work without intermediaries. Thanks to that process, there are no additional charges which can be a larger part of the final price.
Question: Where do you create your clothes?
Answer: The "I Came To Live" factory in St.-Petersburg is engaged in sportswear Creation.
Question: If I do not want my photo on your site, can I stop it?
Answer: Yes, you can stop advertising the purchases and participation in life of our project.
Question: Can you consider an exit prospect on the world market?
Answer: The Internet shop Freedom of use allows us to work without binding to the location, we have now prepared an English-speaking version of the shop on the Internet. The site version is also in the French, German, Spanish and the Japanese languages and will be soon accessible.