Fame Wall

GLORY WALL – We have especially significant people and company for our project. What a contribution to creation of professional collections of sportswear has become with the notable help in development of design decisions, the introduction of new technologies and materials, and advancement of our brand.
Diligence and aspiration to object in view of achievement are the basic components of success. With their help it was possible to achieve much, but in the modern world of financial support it can appear more necessary. To render it is not so difficult for each individual person. The result of our joint efforts is received on a wide scope of the world scale.
Thanks Heroes!!!
The GLORY WALL is a way to thank everyone, who responded to our appeal. From small grains of sand, to the greatest dunes which begin of the consisting of drops, entire oceans have begun. A grain of sand behind a grain of sand, a drop behind a drop we will accumulate the help of all who responded, without forgetting to express to them our gratitude.
Now today, we thank all the names that are immortalized on our wall of glory. Your attention to our work speaks about your readiness to participate in the creation of a new trend of sportswear and development of new ideas. You are ready to lay the foundation today already for the future in which there will be new collections of fashionable, practical clothes; the future in which you want to live.
A Big Thank You!!!